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Brown egg marketing

Why brown eggs?

The only difference between brown eggs and white eggs is their color. From a nutritional standpoint, they are identical. Yet brown eggs command a premium price in the market place. They are thought of as more natural and better for you than white eggs. They do not sell white eggs at farmer’s markets.

Why Brown Egg Marketing?

Brown Egg Marketing is a design firm in Chicago for restaurants and caterers. Our mission is to let the Chef’s create and the sales consultants sell. Our job is to bridge that gap and position your brand in the best possible light so your restaurant or catering company will tempt your target market in to picking up that phone and ordering over your competition.


Our passion is food


All of us at Brown Egg Marketing understand the simple formula for restaurant marketing: Show your customers your passion for food, the heart and soul of what you put in to your recipes, ingredients, kitchens, service, cooking and your business and they will be passionate about your brand. You want to build your brand so that customers jump at the chance to brag about their experience at your business to anyone who will listen.

Our industry experience speaks for itself. We have restaurant, catering, food hall and delivery industry experience in our baskets (not just one egg). We understand your business, have been in your shoes and can relate to exactly why your journey has lead to us.

How we help restaurants