Kellogg’s laser etching their logo on Corn Flakes seems real (or a real good viral buzz hoax).

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This morning @eatpictures and @guardianfood tipped Brown Egg off that Kellogg’s is planning on using a laser etching service to toast their logo in Corn Flakes. The source came from Kellogg’s UK Twitter account (@KelloggsUK). Their TwitPic is shown below. I really think this is true. I’ve read before that Cereal companies are hyper competitive and […]

Found: Tabasco PC’s

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We all love the individual teeny tiny Tabasco 1/8 oz. bottles but given their price, it is hard to justify giving them away. So your option is basically to drop off a bottle with the delivery or hope that your clients office has one in the fridge. Fear not, I have found these Tabasco PC’s, […]

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