Outback Steakhouse new interior design goes against typical steakhouse norms

22 September 2009 in Marketing, Places

Picture this, you walk up to a steakhouse and grab giant longhorn handle and pull open the 9 foot tall 300 pound door with no doubt a wood burnt cowboy lassoing his cattle. As you enter you expect the usual steakhouse fair; ginormous plants, metal siding and cowboy hats & tassels galore. However this is a new Outback Steakhouse. Refreshing open floor plan, modern design with clean lines and no cowboy hats.

Outback's clean new look

Outback's clean new look

But does this clean look and feel go against the target market’s idea of a steakhouse? Will this alienate customers? Will they be turned off by an atmosphere suited for a coffee house? Time will tell but at least you have to applaud Outlook for taking a chance in an economy daring restaurant owners to rethink the norm.

Via [NRN]

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22 September 2009 Marketing, Places
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