PBR could now be my company, and yours….

16 November 2009 in News

Picture this, you head down to the local liquor store with $6 in your pocket. You thirst for some good beer, but can’t afford it. So instead you buy the best beer, PBR! However instead of two six packs you instead decide to …. become an owner in the company and a buy a scratch off to go!

The agency Forza Migliozzi appears to be behind this, and hopefully this is for real, because this could be the chance for a battered beer battalion to rank up and become the “People’s Pabst.” Hey, it works for Woodman’s and the Green Bay Packers, why not PBR.

Pabst Blue Ribbon can be bought by you

Pabst Blue Ribbon can be bought by you

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16 November 2009 News
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