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20 November 2009 in Marketing

  • New NBC reality series planned-"United Plates of America" from Top Chef Prod. More restaurant/marketing based than TC. #
  • Brandchannel | Nescafe Calls Starbucks' Instant Coffee Bluff #
  • Coolio on his love of cooking and cooking for love – The Boston Globe #
  • #FF @maisoncupcake @afreshsqueeze @addsomespice @cityprovisions @TheGourmetGirl @MindfulMetro @ProPhoto101 @RussAdams @thepionerwoman #
  • #followfriday @TasteCHICAGO @B_Donnelly @danielckoontz @streetphotos @brandmonkey @BuyABeerCompany @williamcooks @browneyedbaker #
  • Having words with Panera’s Ron Shaich – Nation’s Restaurant News #
  • Aw Snaps! 🙂 Martha Stewart Slams Rachael Ray – omg! news on Yahoo! #
  • Ha! I thought the same RT @behoff: Twitter Drops “What are You Doing?” Now Asks “What’s Happening?” – #
  • BizBash launches Sched* @BizBash_News #
  • A LOT of IL / Midwest presence on 40 green chefs under 40 | MNN – Mother Nature Network #
  • Gapers Block : Drive-Thru : Chicago Food – Four-Season Farm Sprouts Up in East Village #
  • Wow, nice list! RT @neellfp: This may help: 45+ Useful Food Photography Links and Tutorials #
  • Confirms what I already knew, Have to move my photo station out of kitchen to dining room. Pioneer Woman 8 Food Photo Tips #
  • I question this move by Coke. Could be huge mistake. Brandchannel | Coke Repackages Juice Brands. #
  • I think I might be the only one that LIKED Tropicana's new design that they eventually abandoned. – Wellsphere #
  • TwitPic just confirmed that my camera phone sucks. – No justice to Pastel de tres leches perfect. #depotn #
  • – Pastel de tres leches perfect. Not too sweet! #
  • Tres Leches was perfect. Not too sweet! #depotn #
  • Just learned from Chef Alvaro @DepotNuevo that the Tres Leches are: Whole Milk, Evaporated Milk and Condensed Milk . #depotn #
  • I would definately come back, just for the tres amigos sauce. #depotn #
  • Yay. Welcome to Chi Town! RT @thepioneerwoman: I just sneaked into Borders on Michigan Avenue and signed my cookbooks on the shelves. #
  • Really enjoyed the trout. Also learned from @aimers1525 that confit is just a fancy word for topping. #depotn #
  • Sweet… They use VeeV for their third margarita. #depotn #
  • Ooohhh… Haven't had cactus since 2nd grade. RT @bekagan: Just found out the veggie tacos were CACTUS tacos. And they were awesome! #depotn #
  • Me and Chef Alvaro Chavez – #depotn #
  • I think I have chimchurri on my keyboard. #depotn #
  • Yes!! I'm a sucker for this type of thing. RT @windycitizen: The CTA Holiday Train is back #
  • Tres Amigos Sauce (Habanero, Jalapeno, Ancho Chile) gives a great smokey flavor to the chorizo taco. Not too spicy – excellent. #depotn #
  • Doctor Chorizo Taco! #depotn #
  • Marg # 2 is elderflower. Sweeter than what I typically order. Made with El Mayor Tequila & St. Germain liqueur #depotn #
  • Roasted Corn bisque is a nice change. The spice is more subtle with cumin and a pinch of jalapeños. #depotn #
  • oooooooh… roasted corn bisque on it's way! #depotn #
  • More margaritas!?! Eek. 🙂 Last was great. Made with newer tequila to the market, Karma. #depotn #
  • Def agree on the bold flavors. RT @shilparupani: My @DepotNuevo experience thus far in a few words: flavors, bold, #depotn #
  • Shrimp Quesadilla works. The chipotle sauce was a bit spicy for some here, but not for me. #depotn #
  • Sope was great. Great crunch with the spinach. It was a nice touch. I am used to a thicker sope, but it worked out. #depotn #
  • Switching to laptop. My phone is tiny. A little cramped but will manage. #depotn #
  • @Depotnuevo Guac has great flavor. Love when u can tell it is fresh made. #Depotn #
  • 1St taste of margarita at @tasteandtweet at @depotnuevo. delicious! #depotn #
  • Love this quote. RT @crowdSPRING: "A man with peanut butter on his hands and desperation on his mind can do a lot of damage" Pete Burgeson #
  • Finally found a perfect dish for my Acorn Squash – Acorn Squash with Cranberry Apple Stuffing – Recipes – Foodbuzz #
  • These are all awesome. . . View App Store by Craftsquatch on Etsy #
  • BizBash | Astronauts Greet, Galileo Tends Bar at Adler Planetarium's Celestial Ball #
  • Me too! RT @TasteCHICAGO: @BrownEggMktg excited to tweet together about Latin food @DepotNuevo in Wilmette at 6:30 tomorrow! #
  • RT @vavroom: Awesome food photography! RT @sstiavetti: RT @bendjsf bacon sunrise – #
  • Thanks for RT's and discussion @danielckoontz @streetphotos @brandmonkey ! #
  • Wha?!?! Windows 7 is actually Windows 6.1 – The Windows name: Is there special significance to '7?' | Betanews #
  • Good Food Photography tip gleamed from – – Shoot table top first b4 setting food in case you photoshop out stains. #
  • Hilarious…. Trajan is the Movie Font on Vimeo. An amazingly high number of movies use Trajan. #
  • Amazing post…. Lot's to learn from the. VeganYumYum » Food Photography for Bloggers #
  • Chef Sarah Stegner – "It's a lot of pressure trying to open a restaurant, let alone a second one." – Prairie Chefs Blog #
  • Jason Santa Maria: The Drop Dead Guide to Choosing and Pairing Typefaces #
  • Interesting.. Guess I'm a PUNK 🙂 RT @brandmonkey: Just discovered I'm a PANK (Professional Aunt No Kids) RT@sheconomy #
  • No problem. You got my $25 pledge. RT @BuyABeerCompany: TKS2 @BrownEggMktg #
  • Buy A Beer Company: Pabst Brewing Company #
  • TastingTable | Giles Schnierle's Great American Cheese Collection supplies 250 rest inc blackbird, cibo matto, etc #
  • Small MI distributors focus on getting local produce to state’s restaurants & schools in Michigan's struggling economy. #
  • How Chipotle, Pinkberry, and others win big by doing just a few things well – (37signals) #
  • I enjoy this type of thinking! RT: @danielckoontz: The one article that contains my main thinking about food costs: #
  • Howard Schultz: "McDonald's made us better" Brandchannel #
  • Gapers Block : Drive-Thru : Chicago Food – Bayless and Burlesque #
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20 November 2009 Marketing

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